Online Welding and Trades School of Rhodes Island
Owned by the Society of the Winged Feathered Serpent



As I traveled through the plain of the warrior I saw many visions. Visions of days long ago when the ancient rites were still practiced and the dead knew life. The voices spoke words to me that had not been spoken for thousands of years. Words unknown for centuries. These words, I chose to share with you. For the day has come that the world must know. I have, therefore, decided that the time has come for me to share my knowledge with the dwellers of this plain of the universe.

In June of 2000, I met the one unnamed and engaged him in battle. We battled for ten days and eleven nights. Never had I been challenged to the point of destruction. As he spoke languages that were not spoken for centuries I knew I was the chosen one to spread his message to the nations. As a tribute to him, I speak his name in the forgotten dialect, “Jahh-Readd.

As I journeyed forth into the neither regions between the past and the present, into the realm of the warrior, I chose as my companion a winged feathered serpent. Together we would travel and discover the words that have not been spoken for thousands of years, and not understood for centuries. Like a messenger of days long forgotten I and I alone knew that it would fall to me to bring the darkness into the light and the light into the darkness. The Society of the Winged Feathered Serpent is the way in which I shall tell of what I have seen and what I have discovered. Know now that what I speak of is the truth of the warrior, it is the truth of the ancient knowledge of long ago.

I must share this with the world.

I have been through the dark chasm of the neither regions. All I can smell is the fear of the ancient warriors as they met their demise on the fields of conflict. The hallowed walls of the transient plane speak to me. They tell the tales of lost causes and defeats, the bloody heart breaking screams called forth to me. As I looked deep within the warrior with in, I knew there would be no transgression which I could not answer, and no trespass I could not punish.

The power of the past is strong with me. Strong like one hundred burning flames within one candle. Knowing as I do the ultimate of the powers, I cannot look away from my true path. For the day has come when I must yet again rise to the occasion and let it be known that my fears have been conquered and my enemies have felt the wrath of one hundred swords and one thousand flames.

The time passes so quickly. As I crawl on the plain between reality and dreams, the tenor of my existence seems so awkward. Through, the haze I can see, through the smoke I can yet smell, through it all I know the ancient powers of the long dead warriors reach within me and speak words that would make a normal persons ears go deaf. The words are those of a time long ago, when darkness and light were one.

The spirits of the warriors speak and tell me the truths that are no longer true and the lies that are no longer false. As I lift my humble arm in salute to them they cast me into the world which the warriors have left. Then I know once and for all that existence as I knew it means nothing next to the vast wisdom of the ancient warriors. Soon I will join them in their council. Soon I shall return to them and once again prove that I can again travel through the voids of the neither regions.

I take the as my apprentice, young one, together we shall travel to the limits of darkness and through the boundaries of light. The eternal pain of the long vanished warriors will be known by both you and Carl. The eternal joy of the victories achieved will strengthen the even in defeat.

The spirit of the long forgotten battle is strong within the, my apprentice. The knowledge I have to share with you shall indeed shatter your world and forever end the vision you now see. The power of the spirits long lives.

The anguish of the forgotten ones shall indeed demand reparation despite the place they hold in the universe. The day has come for the purification to begin in the neither regions.

Young apprentice know that the winged feathered serpent is looking at the warriors who have felt the pain and still cry out to the past about the future in our past.


The Online Welding and Trades School of Rhodes Island is currently on probation from the NAAUCU.  After regaining
our status as an unaccredited college we will reopen our enrollment to students wanting to learn welding and stuff online.